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Social Fabric


On a rainy Thursday evening in downtown New Haven, people make their way into the Institute Library. They unpack scissors, needles and thimbles, and as they begin to chat, the stories that unfold are connected by a thread. …

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Open Wide


A photo essay.

The two-week peak of this year’s International Festival of Arts & Ideas began last Saturday.

Here’s what we saw on opening day. …

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Home Fried


“Y’all are gonna be put through the wringer,” New Haven author Tochi Onyebuchi warns readers of his new novel, Goliath. …

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War and Pieces


“My conception of the show was different prior to the invasion of Ukraine,” says painter, educator and, in this context, curator Steven DiGiovanni. “Because the invasion seemed to affect the complexion of the work that we have here.”

“Here” …

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Scientific Review


This is a review of a play, but first, let’s talk science. …

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Final Stretch


In addition to “the vocabulary and nuts and bolts of technique,” dancers should learn classical works that continue to be performed all over the world, New Haven Ballet artistic director Lisa Kim Sanborn contends.

Enter Don Quixote

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Invisible Sound


A decade ago, Rich Ives decided to solve a problem. …

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Making Arrangements


After working in software design and then as a math teacher, long-time New Haven resident Beth Klingher took an unusual but, on reflection, not unrelated career turn…

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Book of Life


Local writer and newly minted book author Bonnie Goldberg is among the most pleasant people you’ll ever meet. Little would you know that she had to win her geniality in battle, through a series of trials few if any of …

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Making Connections

Liraz_Barby_Ariel Efron_1500

After a virtual 2020 and a cautious ’21, the 2022 International Festival of Arts & Ideas seems ready to recapture its normal level of extraordinariness. …

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