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“The Art Institute was yesterday afternoon the scene of a delicate and interesting experiment, upon the result of which a personal reputation may be said to have rested and certainly upon which the merit of a work of presumptive art …

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Up and Away

The 2023 International Festival of Arts & Ideas is just a week away. …

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Roll Call


A photo essay. To view all 12 images, check out the email edition

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Live from New Haven


When people get their phones out and record The State House’s final shows this week, they’ll be joining a rich tradition of audiovisually preserving the city’s lost music venues.

It’s quaint to think about today, but after the widespread …

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Red, White and You


As my husband and I walked down Orange Street to the black box theater inside EBM Vintage (map), where the New Haven Theater Company production of White Rabbit Red Rabbit was about to begin, we approached a trim, …

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Listening Tour


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Small Fortune


When we last left Ivytown, the comic book city purportedly inspired by New Haven, we had just read Showcase #34, the anthology where it debuted in 1961. We saw Ivy University physicist Ray Palmer harness the power of …

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Edge States


Live From the Edge presented by Long Wharf Theatre exists in finely honed edge states: on the shifting precipice of a set not in stone; near the upper limit of artistic virtuosity; and with the sharpened courage required to express …

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Minor Spoilers


Gardner Fox, the first writer of The Atom comics, didn’t put a ton of thought into naming the shops, the institutions or even the city he was inventing. The latter he dubbed Ivytown, soon changed to Ivy Town, whose downtown …

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Re(li)gional Rail


Sometimes a book’s title all but forces you to pluck it off the shelf.

God and the New Haven Railway and Why Neither One Is Doing Very Well did that to me. (Okay, it was a metaphorical shelf; I ordered …

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