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Photo Copies


A photo essay. To view all 14 images, check out the email edition.

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Script Notes IV


Three times last year, I reeled off a series of movie and TV moments referencing New Haven.

Now I’ve recorded enough for a fourth. And while things usually go south by this point in a franchise, I hope you’ll agree: …

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Works in Progress

9_YUAG_SLDB install views_ag-exb-4616-0032-pub_1500

I had never fully considered the social and cultural content of the color pink until I saw Sheila Levrant de Bretteville’s 1974 broadside Pink. Designed for an American Institution of Graphic Arts exhibition, de Bretteville’s piece examined the color …

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Garden Party


It’s teatime. …

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Good Bones


I never got over Brontosaurus excelsus (“noble thunder lizard” for those of us who don’t speak ancient Greek). I don’t know when I first visited Yale’s Peabody Museum, probably at age 4 or 5, but that ginormous dinosaur floored …

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Good and Mad


A photo/video essay. To see all 14 images/gifs, check out the email edition.

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Indie Production

Cinestudio curtain_1500ai

As a Trinity College undergraduate in 1973, I was thrilled to discover Cinestudio. I was already a movie enthusiast, but that was a far different era, before the growth of multiplexes much less streaming services. My exposure to film …

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Baby Talk

Jessie (Jenny) Lina (Deena) and Mitchell (Ruben) 2 corrected_1500

Laughter outshines tears in the New Haven Theater Company’s production of Cry It Out, at least for anyone who has ever given birth to or cared for a baby. …

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Indie Rock


On a recent Sunday at Jazzy’s Cabaret, Fernando Pinto was getting nervous. The Afro-Caribbean “supper club” and music venue was booked back-to-back with a brunchtime fashion show and the latest installment of Pinto’s East Rock Concert Series—and the fashion show …

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Universal Language

ccc group_1500bii

This month marks the beginning of the Year of the Dragon, the only mythical creature of the 12 animals represented in the Chinese zodiac. Despite its reputation in Western literature as a brutal and ferocious creature, China’s legendary dragon is …

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