About Daily Nutmeg

W elcome to Daily Nutmeg New Haven!

You may know me as the publisher of Connecticut Magazine. After all, that’s where I hung my hat most days for more than 30 years.

Then along came an idea so compelling that I bade farewell to the familiar well-worn path and started something new.

Since Daily Nutmeg’s official launch on January 25, 2012, my new team and I have been delivering what we think of as the new form of local magazine each weekday.

How is Daily Nutmeg different? Well, it appears to me that all of us already have more than enough sources of news and sound bytes in our lives. What we would like more of is engaging, insightful writing and photos of things that are relevant to people where they live, work and play. If it can be done paperless, all the better.

Enter Daily Nutmeg. Subscribers receive one email each weekday about an interesting facet of the greater New Haven community. It’s well-written with interesting photography. And because we know you lead a busy life, we try to keep it brief. You can enjoy Daily Nutmeg in just a few minutes each day, and you can always access past articles using the search bar at dailynutmeg.com.

Naturally, I’m interested to know what you think about Daily Nutmeg. Story ideas are welcome. And when you see something you like, share it with friends!

All the best,
Michael Mims
[email protected]