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Floral Fixation

viola pansies_1500bii

One of my favorite harbingers of spring is the annual opening of Cheshire’s Tower Farms. From April through December, the garden center offers a parade of botanical delights from daffodils and pansies to ornamental grasses and fall mums, ending …

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Items of Import

stuffies display_1500ai

According to The Japan Times, “zakka” emerged in postwar Japan as a catch-all term for “everyday tools and objects such as kettles, brooms and buckets.” In 2001, the International Herald Tribune noted that latter-day Japan had elevated it to …

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World Pieces


According to Akil Tanriguden, proprietor of the upmarket Re-Unique Art & Antique Center in Old Saybrook, a certain magic happens when someone enters his shop. “Say you come in looking for a statue of Buddha. If you stay just …

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Home Economics


Aiming to “reimagine, reuse and repurpose” things instead of consigning them to a landfill, Branford’s Tags on Main is like a communal attic—one that’s unusually well-dusted. …

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One Woman’s Treasure


“I call it, in a very affectionate way, the affliction. Because people are afflicted with the urge to collect things they know they can resell for a little bit of profit.” Carolyn Thompson is giving me an impromptu tour of …

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Home Makers

Gala and Triffin courtesy of Fairhaven Furniture_1500b

Albert Hadley Jr. (1920-2012), interior designer to the prominent and powerful—Al Gore, Jackie Onassis, director Mike Nichols—once said, “Design is coming to grips with one’s real lifestyle, one’s real place in the world. Rooms should not be put together for …

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Home Addition

green chair_1500aii

Vintanthro Modern & Vintage has been a Westville staple since 2018, selling well-preserved dresses, belts, suits, boots. But there wasn’t a lot of room to carry the things that dress up homes: tables, chairs, lamps, kitchenware and more, with the …

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Plant Therapy


Dogs Joplin and Gino, their chain collars jingling, are the first to greet me as I enter Anika Stewart and Georgina Gross’s Hamden home, where shelves holding carefully positioned plants climb half the perimeter of the living room. The plants’ …

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Rugged Individual


At the top of the staircase to The Kilim Company, a subterranean shop tucked between Donut Crazy and Toad’s Place, a bulldog welcome sign is framed by a few exotic rugs. It’s barely a hint of what waits at …

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Keyed Up


Who put the bomp in the bomp bah bomp bah bomp?

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