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War Zone

church green(c1943)a_1500

New Haven has been many cities in its nearly 400 years. Picture this one…

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Script Notes III

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First in January, then in July, I reeled off a series of movie and TV moments referencing New Haven.

Now, in December, I’ve got enough for a trilogy. And I hope you’ll agree: This third take is no …

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Going Medieval


A photo essay. To view all 14 images, check out the email edition.

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House and Home


Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo begins as the best fantasy novels do: with a map. A collection of locations exotic to most readers but not to us—Harkness Tower, Grove Street Cemetery, Beinecke Library—are tagged along the map’s greyscale streets, numbered …

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Return to Sender


For our vacation this week, we’re traveling back to some favorite recent stories, including this life story.

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Power Balance


A photo essay. To view all 16 images, check out the email edition. 

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Script Notes II


Six months ago, I reeled off a series of movie and TV moments referencing New Haven.

Today, I’ve got enough for a sequel. And I didn’t even have to watch Gilmore Girls. …

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Archery 101


At Yale, there are arched backs in Dance Studies classes and at Salsa Under the Stars sessions. Arched brows as curious, libidinous college students scope out classmates. Arch nemeses whenever Harvard comes to town. …

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Baby Formula


If you’re a parent of a certain age, chances are you know the name Dr. Spock. Not to be confused with Mr. Spock of Star Trek fame, Dr. Benjamin Spock grew up in New Haven, attended Yale and became a …

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Pride and Joy


A photo essay. To view all 23 images and gifs, check out the email edition

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