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Something in the Water


New Haven: the birthplace of the hamburger and, arguably, home to the finest pizza in America. But for centuries it was Crassotrea Virginica—the eastern oyster, a.k.a. the Atlantic oyster—that was the pride of New Haven’s food culture. …

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Floral Grounds


Oh, to be a 7-year-old again—or so I thought on a recent blue-sky, late-summer weekday when visiting Lavender Pond Farm in Killingworth. One such munchkin, in the company of his family, couldn’t be more thrilled to be there, especially when …

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Heating Up

“It is hot,” began a story on the front page of the New Haven Evening Register on August 5, 1896. That simple statement marked the beginning of one of New Haven’s worst recorded heat waves. …

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Outer Space


For a stark experience of nature, super-wide views of the Long Island Sound and the chance to take a deep, relaxing breath, there’s an answer off the coast of Branford: Outer Island.

Named for its location, this outermost member

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Right of Way


A photo essay. To view all 11 images, check out the email edition.

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Flight Club


A photo essay. To view all 17 images, check out the email edition.

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Island Time


Branford’s Stony Creek section, along a picturesque shore home to beaches, residences and a few restaurants, is a popular spot to visit during the warmer months. Next time you’re in the neighborhood, though, think about heading away from the shore …

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Silver Linings


A photo essay. To view all 22 images, check out the email edition.

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City Life


The population of New Haven is about 135,000.

Or is it? …

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Trees of Knowledge


The graves of loved ones and luminaries are enough to attract visitors to the Grove Street Cemetery. But this 18-acre oasis in the middle of the city has long held another appeal…

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