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This Week in New Haven (May 29 – June 4)


Between literal parades, a big Saturday may offer the most impressive procession of all. …

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A photo essay. To view all 15 images, check out the email edition

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Live from New Haven


When people get their phones out and record The State House’s final shows this week, they’ll be joining a rich tradition of audiovisually preserving the city’s lost music venues.

It’s quaint to think about today, but after the widespread …

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Airport Bar


There’s a handsome and desolate stretch of road between downtown Stratford and its coastal neighborhood of Lordship. It’s bounded on either side by protected wetlands and runways for the largely forgotten Sikorsky Memorial Airport. And though untold airfields have similar …

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Pride and Joy


A photo essay. To view all 23 images and gifs, check out the email edition

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This Week in New Haven (May 22 – 28)


School’s out for New Haven’s collegians, but the city isn’t slowing as summer’s unofficial kickoff weekend arrives. …

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Crushing It


A print on a wall at the bottom of a staircase. An antique rifle racked behind glass. A…

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Tough Love Letters


You must write to me often. It will not be in my power to write you very frequently; but you must write to me

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Sip ’n’ Slide


Good places to drink usually give you something to set your eyes on—an interesting crowd or a view of the water. They also tend to privilege conversation—a quiet booth to catch up with an old friend, the comforting din of …

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Red, White and You


As my husband and I walked down Orange Street to the black box theater inside EBM Vintage (map), where the New Haven Theater Company production of White Rabbit Red Rabbit was about to begin, we approached a trim, …

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