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Playing It Back

Fires In the Mirror LWT 1-22 275_1500

In order to understand what happened in the Crown Heights neighborhood of New York City in August of 1991, you need some context. …

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On Display


The first Chinese woman to arrive in America is believed to have been a teenager named Afong Moy, who was put on public display, beginning in New York City in 1834, as The Chinese Lady. “AFONG MOY is a native …

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This Week in New Haven (October 11 – 17)

Feet of a couple dancing over a squared pattern floor with buildings and trees in the background

Step outside, inside, up and around, and not just while learning a few new moves.

Monday, October 11
At 1 p.m., an Indigenous Peoples’ Day event celebrates “indigenous peoples from Turtle Island and beyond” outside City Hall (165 Church St, …

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This Week in New Haven (August 9 – 15)


Four festivals and more performances than there are days rouse this not so sleepy section of summer. …

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This Week in New Haven (April 5 – 11)


As outdoor cinema and live indoor music return, this star-studded week’s biggest star may be show business itself.

Monday, April 5
The next event in the Yale School of Art’s Photo Pop Up Lecture series—in which “Gregory Crewdson, Director of …

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Adjustment Period


The word “pivot” may bring to mind an iconic scene from Friends, in which Ross, Rachel and Chandler attempt to…

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This Week in New Haven (November 16 – 22)


This week’s menu offers business survival tips, of-the-moment films and a taste of the holidays. …

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This Week in New Haven (March 16 – ?)


Normally, we spend our Mondays highlighting things to see and places to go in the week ahead. …

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Back and Forth

I Am My Own Wife LWT 2-20 024_2000ai

A play that features a solo actor is always risky. The audience’s whole experience rides on one performer. Can they hold the crowd’s attention? Can they pull it off? …

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Turning the Page

Cast of Pride and Prejudice_2000

Pink vines curl up the walls and across the floor of the stage. They cover everything from the writing desk to the ottomans, painted over the entire set like the cover of a book. …

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