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Super Sub


Of all the signs outside Alma’s—advertising cigarettes, lottery tickets, an ATM—one is repeated three times: “DELI.” Tucked below the busy intersection of Whalley Avenue and Ella T. Grasso Boulevard, with its brick shell painted baby blue, the bodega also offers …

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Star Tech


The Morrill Hall Planetarium at Southern Connecticut State University is a domed appendage of the otherwise rectilinear Morrill Hall, sharing its planetary curves with…

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Party Work


The upstairs room at 168 York Street Cafe was filled with bodies bouncing, hands in the air, while the music thumped and pealed, rolling from chorus to chorus with locomotive reliability. But if you studied the DJ, a willowy, spectacled …

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Director’s Cuts


The monitor in Karyl Evans’s North Haven office shows the thumbnailed building blocks of her most recent documentary. She’s showing me her editorial process, the part of filmmaking she likens to sculpting. “So I take everything they say and …

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Looking Back


It’s been a year, and we’ve got the photos to prove it.

Enjoy this chronological look back at 2022 through the eyes of Daily Nutmeg.

Written by Dan Mims.

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A Real Saint


One recent blustery afternoon, Santa came to town. He wore a coat the color of cranberry sauce and strolled along Chapel Street, causing small clamors of happy surprise among pedestrians going the other way. It was not unlike the appearance …

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Door Handle


New Haven has better reason than most to get a handle on its doors. This dates back at least as far as the Revolutionary War, when British soldiers spent the first week of July 1779 raiding towns on the Connecticut …

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Flight Paths


The final production at Long Wharf Theatre’s longtime home was a play called Flying Bird’s Diary, read last weekend by a cast of 10 behind a tidy arc of music stands. In a scene that ends the play’s …

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Pen and Sword


In an assembly room at Bethesda Lutheran Church, a group of fencers are about to practice a longsword maneuver described almost 900 years ago. …

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On the Edge


Cycling south from the top of Yale Avenue takes advantage of one of the better designated bike routes in New Haven. You’ve got…

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