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Troubled Water


The venue for Long Wharf Theatre’s production of A View From The Bridge is actually viewable from two bridges. Staging at the Canal Dock Boathouse, the backdrop for the play by Arthur Miller is a view across New Haven Harbor, …

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Promised Land


An end-to-end walk in Bishop Woods takes you from New Haven to East Haven. First you head east through a gate past the Bishop Woods School parking lot, then, midway, you take a 90-degree turn to the north. It’s fairly …

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Water Towers


Along the eastern reaches of the Long Island Sound is a constellation of lighthouses dating mostly to the 19th century. Built in places where shipwrecks were frequent, they’re a testament to…

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One Woman’s Treasure


“I call it, in a very affectionate way, the affliction. Because people are afflicted with the urge to collect things they know they can resell for a little bit of profit.” Carolyn Thompson is giving me an impromptu tour of …

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Swinging for the Stars

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Inside a gymnasium in Shelton, a dozen or so recruits under the age of 10 are training to become Jedi peacekeepers in the galactic fight against the Dark Side. A Jedi master named Kato Kislo, wearing the neutral-toned, belted tunic …

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A Real Saint


For our vacation this week, we’re traveling back to some of our favorite recent stories, starting with this cooling blast of winter warmth.

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Pipes Dream


Bagpiper Durant McCurley considers himself a “street player” in a part of the country where holiday parades are heralded with pipes. But his itinerancy takes him to less expected places. …

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Coify Klatch


Mark “Ferni” Fernicola, the house barber at Lucky Soul Tattoo in Woodbridge, is part of a small diaspora of Fernicola barbers in Greater New Haven. His cousins cut hair in Wallingford and North Haven. All three learned the trade …

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Super Sub


Of all the signs outside Alma’s—advertising cigarettes, lottery tickets, an ATM—one is repeated three times: “DELI.” Tucked below the busy intersection of Whalley Avenue and Ella T. Grasso Boulevard, with its brick shell painted baby blue, the bodega also offers …

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Star Tech


The Morrill Hall Planetarium at Southern Connecticut State University is a domed appendage of the otherwise rectilinear Morrill Hall, sharing its planetary curves with…

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