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Town and City


The character of the New Haven Green, and therefore New Haven itself, owes much to Ithiel Town, by some accounts the city’s first professional architect. …

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A Real Saint


One recent blustery afternoon, Santa came to town. He wore a coat the color of cranberry sauce and strolled along Chapel Street, causing small clamors of happy surprise among pedestrians going the other way. It was not unlike the appearance …

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Down Under


What do Benedict Arnold’s first wife, Rutherford B. Hayes’s grandmother and James Hillhouse’s uncle have in common? …

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Open Wide


A photo essay.

The two-week peak of this year’s International Festival of Arts & Ideas began last Saturday.

Here’s what we saw on opening day. …

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I want to ride my bicycle.
I want to ride my bike.
I want to ride my bicycle.
I want to ride it where I like.

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Iron Age


Like a mountain piled with strata, a city as old as New Haven is layered with the remains of its past. Sometimes a layer lies in plain view but goes unnoticed by nearly everyone who passes by. …

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Goodbye Kiss


An animated photo essay. To view the gifs, check out the email version.

This mild winter gave us a light but wet smooch on its way out the door yesterday. …

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Squirreling Away


A photo essay. To view all 21 images, check out the email edition

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Present Tens


Since Daily Nutmeg turned 10 on Tuesday, other 10s keep turning up. …

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Gifts on the Green


To view images at higher quality—as well as a gif capturing the moment the tree was lit—check out the email edition of this story. 

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