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Present Tens


Since Daily Nutmeg turned 10 on Tuesday, other 10s keep turning up. …

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Gifts on the Green


To view images at higher quality—as well as a gif capturing the moment the tree was lit—check out the email edition of this story. 

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Rain and Shine


A photo essay. To view all 26 photos (and at higher quality), check out the email edition. 

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Picking Up Threads


Ancient tools become works of art in sculptor Yvonne Shortt’s project Picks from the Soil: Harvesting Community Narratives

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This Week in New Haven (July 12 – 18)

Raspberry pie with fresh raspberries and jam on vintage textile texture. Top view

Pride and prizes come of baked pies, preserved cars and shaped sand. …

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Hall Past


Rising over the New Haven Green with Victorian Gothic towers and windows, and surrounded by less vintage constructions, New Haven City Hall strikes an immortal pose. So it’s hard to believe that its time was once up. …

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This Week in New Haven (November 9 – 15)


With cases back up and phases back down, New Haven still finds a way to move forward. …

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Hallowed Ground


Can you feel them? All Hallow’s Eve is upon us, and the dead are just beneath our feet.

New Haven is an old city, and there are bodies where we least expect them. In the East Shore section of town, …

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Child’s Play


Summer is on the way—but a different kind of summer, one in which many of the go-to amusements for families with children are closed or limited. What’s a kid to do? …

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Made to Measure


From a city quieted by COVID-19, here’s a tale of some not so desperate measures.

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