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Something in the Water


New Haven: the birthplace of the hamburger and, arguably, home to the finest pizza in America. But for centuries it was Crassotrea Virginica—the eastern oyster, a.k.a. the Atlantic oyster—that was the pride of New Haven’s food culture. …

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Made to Measure


“There is a lure about milestoning, similar to that of fishing,” wrote Henry P. Sage in his essay “Ye Mylestones of Connecticut,” published by the New Haven Colony Historical Society in 1951. “One never knows just what he will find. …

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Heating Up

“It is hot,” began a story on the front page of the New Haven Evening Register on August 5, 1896. That simple statement marked the beginning of one of New Haven’s worst recorded heat waves. …

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Road Rage


In July of 1636, John Oldham’s boat was discovered off the coast of Block Island. There was only one passenger: Oldham’s naked corpse, with a hatchet lodged in his skull. …

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Informal Recognition


By the decree of somebody somewhere, on the authority of nothing and no one, today, August 10, is Herbert Hoover Day, National Biodiesel Day, Duran Duran Appreciation Day, National Shapewear Day, Update Your Bio Day and National Spoil Your Dog …

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Return to Sender


For our vacation this week, we’re traveling back to some favorite recent stories, including this life story.

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Sands of Time


A photo essay. To view all 10 images, check out the email edition.

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Independence Review


A photo essay. To view all 10 images, check out the email edition.

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Summer Nights


The days are invitingly long this time of year, which means these are the most inviting nights of the year. …

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Equal Terms


On January 29, 1864, a “large, well-formed and dignified man” stepped onto a “sort of rude balcony” at Grape Vine Point, where the Mill River meets the Quinnipiac. …

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