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Course of Events


When the Beach Boys played, there was “no point in sitting down, except perhaps to keep from fainting,” recalls Sarah Heath of Hamden. Her friend Michael Ross, who grew up in North Haven, witnessed many a bloody hockey game when …

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Trees of Knowledge


The graves of loved ones and luminaries are enough to attract visitors to the Grove Street Cemetery. But this 18-acre oasis in the middle of the city has long held another appeal…

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Here was a man always frail, desperately poor, who through years of discouragement, elusive success and repeated failures, made, single-handed, one of the major industrial discoveries, and gave us a material which enters daily into the life of everyone.

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Suburban Planning


Beaver Hills is on a hill, though you won’t find any actual beavers. …

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Book of Revelation


Maybe you’ve noticed them. Maybe you haven’t. …

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Founding Father


Michael McGivney spent only seven years of his short life in New Haven…

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Short and Sweet


Did you know that humans have been tapping sugar maples to make syrup for at least 8,000 years? Or that sap is 98% water? …

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Northern West


At the intersection of two interstates, with its skyscrapers and gold-domed capitol, Hartford gets most of the day-to-day attention. But…

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The Note Book

Mary, Luther and Roy_2100

Researching family history for the publication of her parents’ love letters was interesting and fun, Hamden author Jill Snyder says. It was also healing. …

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Trials by Fire


Arson is among the most dangerous and destructive crimes. On Christmas Day 2019, an arsonist set fire to the historic Walter Camp house on Chapel Street, destroying its third floor and damaging the rest. Earlier that year, a fire set …

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