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Doggie Doors


A photo essay. To view all 11 images, check out the email edition.

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Free Consultation


Wednesday, I highlighted many of the few downtown businesses that use slogans.

Today, I’m writing slogans for a few of the many that don’t. …

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Slogans Run


A photo essay. To view all 12 images, check out the email edition.

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Bourbon Jungle


Bourbon is having a moment—a messy one, sipped neat. …

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Sitting Out


A photo essay. To view all 15 images, check out the email edition.

*     *     *

For a few more days, forecasts say, it’ll be like May.

May you join in, and sit out.

Written and photographed by Dan

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Ports in a Storm


When it rains, it needn’t pour. Light rain all day is just as effective. …

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A time traveler from New Haven’s colonial days would barely recognize it today. …

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NOA Wonder


New downtown Thai place NOA is both solid and dreamy, with neat wire chairs, a ceiling of floating umbrellas, pulsing loungey house music and nightlife-style lighting animating a cavernous space. Beams and sweeps of the light dance and disperse like …

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Looking Up


Even in the high-achieving culinary capital of Connecticut, meals tend to happen close to the ground. You can count on one hand the rooftop spots to dine or drink—Elm City Social, High George, Goodfellas—and still have …

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Present Tens


Since Daily Nutmeg turned 10 on Tuesday, other 10s keep turning up. …

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