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Home Addition

green chair_1500aii

Vintanthro Modern & Vintage has been a Westville staple since 2018, selling well-preserved dresses, belts, suits, boots. But there wasn’t a lot of room to carry the things that dress up homes: tables, chairs, lamps, kitchenware and more, with the …

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Shopping List


Feeling the pressure to pull a great Halloween costume together? We scouted some local shops to help lighten the load.

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At Fashionista Vintage and Variety, “It’s always been our biggest time of year—our Christmas,” co-owner Todd …

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Test of Time


Vintanthro Modern & Vintage would be like a time capsule—if a time capsule could be continually refreshed and updated. …

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Shirt Tales


Closed for good earlier this year, a cozy clothing shop on the corner of Elm and York Streets was the last local vestige of a once-mighty local company. …

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Tea Time


Striped bedsheets from home and a printed fabric from Goodwill were all Terone “Tea” Montgomery needed to create the look. …

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Floral Support


Outside, crocuses are pushing up to meet the sun. Inside, at Any Occasion Creation florist shop on Howe Street, more colorful blooms are being prepared to brighten the day. …

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Life of Style


Sequins and suede, velour with fur, a jeans-and-khaki jumpsuit with a little bit of bling. That’s what you’ll find at More Amour Boutique, a new “retro chic and edgy” shop on Whalley Avenue owned by Kim Sewell-Poole. …

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Gotta Run


Running is simple—and hard. …

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Swatching the Parade


As the city hibernates in response to the coronavirus pandemic, we’re reaching into our archives. On this year’s paradeless St. Patrick’s Day, please enjoy this procession of photos from 2018. 

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In Character


Perhaps like your own closet, Fashionista Vintage & Variety is crammed full of shirts and skirts, undergarments and shoes, hats and belts. But it’s unlikely your closet has so much…

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