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Live from New Haven


When people get their phones out and record The State House’s final shows this week, they’ll be joining a rich tradition of audiovisually preserving the city’s lost music venues.

It’s quaint to think about today, but after the widespread …

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Crushing It


A print on a wall at the bottom of a staircase. An antique rifle racked behind glass. A…

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Tough Love Letters


You must write to me often. It will not be in my power to write you very frequently; but you must write to me

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Listening Tour


A photo essay. To view all 16 images, check out the email edition

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Course of Events


When the Beach Boys played, there was “no point in sitting down, except perhaps to keep from fainting,” recalls Sarah Heath of Hamden. Her friend Michael Ross, who grew up in North Haven, witnessed many a bloody hockey game when …

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On a Mission


In the fall of 1809, Yale College student Edwin Dwight came upon a strange scene. At the main gate of Yale College stood a young man from a faraway land, crying. …

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Here was a man always frail, desperately poor, who through years of discouragement, elusive success and repeated failures, made, single-handed, one of the major industrial discoveries, and gave us a material which enters daily into the life of everyone.

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Return to Sender


When I purchased a set of vintage New Haven postcards off eBay, I knew I was cracking a window into the life of the city. I didn’t know I was opening a door into the life of a person. …

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Suburban Planning


Beaver Hills is on a hill, though you won’t find any actual beavers. …

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High Five


A brief history of doo-wop in New Haven:

“The Five Satins. Ooooooh!” …

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