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Golden Ages


Like the actual 49ers who went west during the Gold Rush, the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs will rush (and pass and kick) for gold this Sunday. The victors’ deliriously opulent Super Bowl rings will be smithed from …

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A New Havener today can pull a small rectangle from their pocket and find the latest local info. A New Havener 150 years ago could pull a large rectangle from their bookshelf and find even more. …

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Common Cold


They say the one constant is change, but something that hasn’t changed in a long while is our annual preoccupation with the common cold. …

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Hole Story

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Yesterday, the nation celebrated a major icon on his day of remembrance—and, understandably, forgot about another. But we here in New Haven have special reason to acknowledge National Bagel Day: the local family that almost singlehandedly made the ring-shaped breadstuff …

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Record Books


New Haven opened the book on college yearbooks in America. The still-going Yale Banner has in the past pointed to its…

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Ghosts of Christmases Past


The days before Christmas in New Haven are a good time to ponder how New Haven Christmases were before. …

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Gone Bust


It’s easy to miss the empty pedestal near the summit of East Rock. …

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Court Dates


I’m as likely to indulge in “golden age thinking” as any mortal, and I admit, I’ve always harbored a desire to time-travel to the early days of the New Haven Colony. …

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Stone Turned


It was 1822. The population of the United States had just crossed 10 million. James Monroe was in his second term as president, having won all but a single electoral vote. In New Haven, cattle-grazing had been banished from the …

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Sticky Business


A number of New Haven inventions have changed the course of history—the cotton gin, vulcanized rubber, the telephone exchange.

Less impactful, but more joyful, is the Lolly Pop…

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