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Good Questions

Team FOTNHAS_1500ai

Jimmy Smits. [Bleep]ing JIMMY SMITS! I knew it, of course, just not in time to answer the question, “What actor replaced David Caruso after he left the cast of NYPD Blue?”

Such is the fun and frustration of Trivia …

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Kids in the Hall


In his 1977 horror classic The Shining, novelist Stephen King explored the notion that the history of a building and its occupants—sometimes innocuous, other times unsettling or even malevolent—can become so ingrained in its brick and mortar that secrets …

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This Week in New Haven (June 5 – 11)


A ladybug festival, a pizza party and a cat prom help put the spring in late spring. …

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This Week in New Haven (May 29 – June 4)


Between literal parades, a big Saturday may offer the most impressive procession of all. …

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Getting a Read


Miss Patty’s voice was accented and confident as she read me. “You need more self-confidence,” she said. “You have a gift, but keep it a secret. When you need guidance, meditate.” Part of me felt Miss Patty was seeing me; …

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Water Fall


Dry leaves run like packs of children playing tag. Sunlight dazzles off the water, more light than heat. …

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On the Edge


Cycling south from the top of Yale Avenue takes advantage of one of the better designated bike routes in New Haven. You’ve got…

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Inner Circles


What happens when you walk a labyrinth? “Sometimes, nothing!” Bill Ludwig says with a laugh. …

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Western ’Front


A warm, persistent wind frothed up whitecaps on Long Island Sound one hot August afternoon. …

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This Week in New Haven (October 25 – 31)


Bats, rituals, bones and, because this is New Haven, pizza mark a week that ends in Halloween, which this year has inspired so many ways to celebrate that we’re putting together a separate to-do list focused on those. …

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