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This Week in New Haven (November 16 – 22)


This week’s menu offers business survival tips, of-the-moment films and a taste of the holidays. …

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This Week in New Haven (March 16 – ?)


Normally, we spend our Mondays highlighting things to see and places to go in the week ahead. …

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Back and Forth

I Am My Own Wife LWT 2-20 024_2000ai

A play that features a solo actor is always risky. The audience’s whole experience rides on one performer. Can they hold the crowd’s attention? Can they pull it off? …

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Turning the Page

Cast of Pride and Prejudice_2000

Pink vines curl up the walls and across the floor of the stage. They cover everything from the writing desk to the ottomans, painted over the entire set like the cover of a book. …

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People of the Cloth


A photo essay. To view all 20 images at their highest quality, check out the email version

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Love Story

Calvin Leon Smith, Jeremiah Clapp_1280

An “old-fashioned love song” is what the audience is promised at the beginning of On the Grounds of Belonging, currently onstage at Long Wharf Theatre. That promise will be fulfilled. …

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This Week in New Haven (October 7 – 13)


This week’s cultural and recreational depths are as staggering as the pre-Halloween scares at week’s end. …

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22 Years Young


When Artspace first launched City-Wide Open Studios 22 years ago, organizers had no idea whether it would stick, executive director Helen Kauder says. …

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Close to Home

Claire Zoghb off Bradley Point, West Haven

From the ancient capital of Egypt, where a man buys fresh bread “just after the first call / to prayer, when the sky, still star-filled, / goes lavender along the city’s rooftops,” to…

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Truth Be Told


A woman in need of subsidized housing is unfairly turned away for a second time. A homeless man meets someone willing to do more than just hand him some food. A…

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