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Star Treatment


A photo essay. To view all 25 photos (and at a better quality), check out the email edition of this story.

Softly, amid distant stars, and boldly, amid giant books, is…

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Pause Effect


Even before the rise of the internet and social media, “the speed with which the world went by us was not, I think, particularly considerate of pausing,” Stephen Kobasa says. …

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Super Bowl


Before what was then the world’s largest stadium could open with the big Yale-Harvard game of 1914, it had to be built. …

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Four of a Kind


Beethoven had been deaf for 20 years when he wrote his String Quartet in A Minor, Op. 132—“one of the greatest string quartets,” cellist Philip Boulanger told a masked audience of 150…

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Subject Matters


The Roaring Twenties brothel owner Pearl “Polly” Adler and the minister Henry Ward Beecher, “one of the founding fathers of modern American Christianity,” have a few things in common. One is their biographer…

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Foot Work


When Tia Russell and James Brockington decided to open a dance studio in 2013, they hit the pavement…

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A small scroll tucked into the mouth of a tall, slender bottle tips the viewer off to the title of Brian Flinn’s digital collage series, Message in a Bottle. …

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’Casting Call


It’s about 15 minutes before recording time at Baobab Tree Studios…

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Lucid Dreams


Entering Christian Curiel: Between Reveries, NXTHVN’s first solo exhibition, is a bit like walking into a very quiet party. Curiel’s colorful, cryptic portraits seem…

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On Display


The first Chinese woman to arrive in America is believed to have been a teenager named Afong Moy, who was put on public display, beginning in New York City in 1834, as The Chinese Lady. “AFONG MOY is a native …

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