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Critical Mass

Greater New Haven Writers' Group

Every other Wednesday evening, Book Trader Cafe’s usual mix of ones and twos makes room for a six or seven.

The gatherers pull some tables together and borrow spare chairs. They shuffle papers and scribble notes. They utter …

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Collector’s Items

In 2012, the Yale University Art Gallery was honored with the largest donation of prints it’s ever received: more than 1,200, comprising high-quality etchings, lithographs and other kinds of prints by some of the most renowned …

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Be Dazzled

A superb playlist. Whimsical lighting. Eye-popping outfits. Everybody dancing.

Those are the makings of a legendary party. And that’s a good way to describe …

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Lion’s Den

Benjamin Scheuer at Long Wharf Theatre.

On Game of Thrones, playboy dwarf Tyrion Lannister is tortured by his father’s rejections. On Breaking Bad, chemistry teacher Walter White is tortured by the idea that he isn’t the kind of father he should be. In Star

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Aero Nautical

Silas Finch atop Miya's Sushi

New Haven’s the kind of place where you can walk down the street and find a higher calling. “Dan? Dan!” mine went yesterday from the roof of Miya’s Sushi, where mad-scientist sculptor Silas Finch was finishing his latest assemblage. …

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Stamping Grounds

Michael Frechette

The Sunday after Christmas, in the ballroom of the Annex YMA—which sometimes doubles as a bingo hall—a modest market was underway. …

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Lens Crafters

Mistina and Luke Hanscom inside Lotta Studio

Next to a sideways stack of records is a record player. It’s not the very old kind, but it’s still pretty old, but it’s newer than many of those records. An exception is the LP on the player’s platter: Sublime’s …

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Hide and Seek

Secret containers lie hidden throughout the city. There’s one outside the Starbucks on High Street and another outside Yale-New Haven Hospital. Others are concealed down by the bay and up along the spine of West Rock. …

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Sights and Sounds

Drill bits whirring, hammers drumming, wire brushes scratching, squeaky foam sliding snugly into place, cardboard hissing, paper crinkling, conversing in Italian about where or how to put or do this or that, doors opening and closing, footsteps approaching and receding …

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Motional Support

Ecstatic Dancing

In a candle-lit room, an herbalist spoke. “Explore the four corners of your feet. … Let your spine hang from a rope suspended from heaven, and let a gentle smile come to your face. … Begin moving like mountains.” As …

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