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Pipes and Dreams

Sarah Pemberton Strong

Do you ever imagine the life of your plumber after he’s fixed your leaks and gone home for the evening? His ambitions? His secrets? What if he’s a poet, or a novelist?

What if he’s a she?…

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What are the Odds?

Sports Haven

East of Ikea on Long Wharf Drive, not far from where the Mill and Quinnipiac Rivers spill into the New Haven harbor, a semi-industrial hinterland of Interstate flyovers, oil infrastructure…

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Record Holders

CD racks at Merle's Record Rack

Merle’s Record Rack in Orange is a record store in more ways than you’d think.

At its main counter, a woman heard her dead mother’s voice for the first time in 50 years. Another woman’s…

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Power Animals

Torosaurus outside the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History, New Haven

Round a few corners in downtown New Haven and you’re bound to see a piece of public art. What you’re unlikely to see is a certain category of it: sculptures of animals, or at least the non-…

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Any Way You Slice It

2015 International Festival of Arts & Ideas

Given the scope of the task, the website for the International Festival of Arts & Ideas is surprisingly good at telling us what’s going on over the next 16 days.…

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Feeling Puckish

Shaunette Wilson as Puck

You know things are bad when the mythical mischief-maker and riddle-speaker Puck has had enough of mischief and riddles. Draped in skins, bearing ritualistic markings and skewed horns, the wily sprite, crouched on a shelf…

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Jamming Signal

Tim Palmieri of The Z3

Utter the words “jam band” in front of this writer and prepare for eye rolls. Too many times he’s been promised a transcendent musical experience, only to be stuck listening to tired hooks, unmoored grooves and…

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Inside, Jokes

Brandon Smith at Joker's Wild Comedy Club

You expect a block known for its famed Italian restaurants to attract a few wiseguys, but not like this.

From door to stage, the Joker’s Wild Comedy Club on Wooster Street likes to yuk it up. …

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Tagging Along

Eric Mikita, a.k.a. Cers, tagging on Water Street

Heading west on Water Street from Olive, with a long highway embankment on the left, you pass shuttered Mexican restaurant Cancun’s, its stucco blue trim now accenting plywood-covered…

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Pressed for Time

West Cove Studio & Gallery

There’s a former factory in West Haven whose history lives in its heavily scored floorboards, shredded up by sharp edges of heavy machinery since the building’s construction in 1910.…

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