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Sights and Sounds

Drill bits whirring, hammers drumming, wire brushes scratching, squeaky foam sliding snugly into place, cardboard hissing, paper crinkling, conversing in Italian about where or how to put or do this or that, doors opening and closing, footsteps approaching and receding …

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Motional Support

Ecstatic Dancing

In a candle-lit room, an herbalist spoke. “Explore the four corners of your feet. … Let your spine hang from a rope suspended from heaven, and let a gentle smile come to your face. … Begin moving like mountains.” As …

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Fair Games

New Havener Matt Fantastic Athanasios Loter has a name that stands out in a crowd, and a look to match. At board game conventions, he’s easy to pick out: burly, carefully coiffed, heavily tattooed—and dressed as a princess. …

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Brains, Wracked

Little mystifies an analytic philosopher so well as a continental one. …

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Inner War and Peace

Delicate, wispy curtains blush deep white all around. Resplendent furniture fills the space with carved, polished wood, embroidered textiles and lamps like fine china. On the walls come breaks in the tranquility: explosive, …

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Wall to Wall

ARCY, a.k.a. Ryan Christenson

Under stormy night sky, a powerboat ascends a frothy ocean crest. A round-cornered berg of soap threatens, peeking out of the water ahead; a giant toddler hand stalks from behind.

Wait. What? …

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At Easel

A blank canvas. An empty white rectangle. Wide open and, for a new painter, extremely intimidating.

Maybe some wine would take the edge off. …

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Mistaken Identity

I’m just a soul whose intentions are good.
Oh Lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood.

—Nina Simone, “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood” (1964)…

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Wonders Wandered

Alfred Carlton Gilbert would approve.

When A. C. was around, the labyrinthine Fair Haven complex now dubbed Erector Square—after the iconic…

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Off the Charts

City of 7 Billion: A Constructed World

There’s some irony in the way City of 7 Billion: A Constructed World’s constructors—curators Joyce Hsiang and Bimal Mendis, with a large crew of helpers and contributors—have …

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