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Elizabeth Wilson in The Addams Family

Perhaps you know her as Mrs. Braddock (pictured second), Dustin Hoffman’s concerned mom in the iconic 1967 coming-of-age movie The Graduate.

Or as Roz, the snitch who sat on the toilet seat in the ladies…

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Write This Down


“Until you’ve seen it, it’s very difficult to put into words,” says Peter Sonski, which seems a playful thing to say about an exhibition titled Illuminating the Word.

But Sonski—the education…

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Game On

To Court the King

A mystic, a spirit merchant and a reality sculptor walk into a bar…

Okay, it’s not a bar; it’s a brew shop. Also, those magic-wielding beings didn’t exactly walk in; they were walked in. And of course, those…

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Making Tracks

Chenot Keith and David Keith of Mission Zero

An oriental rug splays out on a concrete floor. A lampshade with strange symbols hangs between wooden crossbeams above a gear-filled production rig. On the far end of the room is a sparkle-silver Fibes drum kit with Dream cymbals, flanked …

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Dinner and a Show

A 40-year anniversary is nothing to sneeze at, especially when live theater’s going on a few feet away.

The Yale Summer Cabaret got going so many summers ago, in 1974. Recessed into the east…

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Life of the Party

Bill Fischer

If you want to find an African drum circle, learn to play the Irish penny whistle or the Indian hurdy gurdy, brush up on your New England contra or square dancing, get a few gardening tips, celebrate a change of …

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The Bigger Picture

Terra Tractus octopus

On a geologic time scale, humanity is at best a blip.

On a human scale, Terra Tractus: The Earth Moves—an after-dark ode to the tectonic shifts and continental drifts that have long shaped the globe—is vast…

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Company Men

Split Knuckle Theatre Co. performing Endurance

Five years ago, just as the Split Knuckle Theatre Co. was about to begin rehearsals on its fledgling play Endurance, artistic director Greg Webster stepped up to give his troupe an inspirational speech. “I said, ‘I know this show is …

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Gilbert Cast in a Trunk; photo by Lisa Daly and Dana Astmann

For most people, having a non-functioning umbrella is an excuse to consign it to the trash can. Not so for the founding members of New Haven’s A Broken Umbrella Theatre, who named their troupe in part as a clever homage …

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Doll House

"Doll-Like" exhibit item

Dolls occupy a huge variety of spaces within the human psyche. Sometimes they’re playthings or sources of comfort. Other times they’re deeply creepy, a fact innumerable horror stories have exploited. Used as totems and…

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