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Pressed for Time

West Cove Studio & Gallery

There’s a former factory in West Haven whose history lives in its heavily scored floorboards, shredded up by sharp edges of heavy machinery since the building’s construction in 1910.…

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Nature and Nurture

Connecticut Natural Science Illustrators student

Something’s nature is the sum of its most fundamental attributes, an encapsulation of the features without which a thing would cease to be that thing. Capital-“n” Nature is something similar, only its…

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Friends in Needles

Christian DiMenna at Lovecraft Tattoo

When the tattoo artists at Lovecraft need a bit of inspiration, they often look to their walls. Each of the four inkers has a dedicated work room, and, in a sense, three of those rooms are themselves inked.…

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Bands Together

Jason Hammel, Mates of State

Last week we covered the birth of College Street Music Hall.

Today we’re covering its baptism.

On Saturday, the stage hosted its very first local lineup—in…

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City’s Hall

The Machine at College Street Music Hall

Lining up under a bright marquee. Descending through a dark space. Emerging into a tall, airy, 2,000-capacity room with big, full sound and powerful stage lights good for blowing your mind.…

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And… Action!

There’s Best Video, the 30-year-old movie rental shop nearing the end of a long theatrical run in Hamden. And there’s the sequel, already in production: the Best Video Film and Cultural Center, an emerging not-for-profit…

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True Grit

Photographed by Michael Angelis and Dan Mims

Landscape painter Michael Angelis is a grounded kind of guy. “Oil paint is basically dirt,” he says of a medium accustomed to highfalutin treatments. “Anything that’s natural and gritty really lends itself to oil paint.” For…

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Labor of Love

The Yale Baroque Opera Project has a big heart.

No, really. High above the stage inside Yale’s University Theatre, where the group performs Cavalli’s Erismena

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Straight Shooters

Rodney Moore and Pepe Vega

Pepe Vega and Hugh “HG” Gallman grew up in “The Tribe,” a housing project that once stood in the Dixwell neighborhood. Eventually torn down, Dixwell’s projects were notorious for disrepair and…

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Bread and Oil

Frank Bruckmann at Kehler Liddell Gallery

On one Westville menu, Turkey Sausage costs $4,600. Pasta Primavera goes for $4,800.

That’s because they’re paintings, part of Frank Bruckmann’s…

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