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Alternative Scenery

“Alternative Space Weekend” is right.

Each room inside the rustic, industrial Goffe Street Armory, where City-Wide Open Studios enjoyed its many-splendored 2015 opener this past…

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Special Effect

INDECENT by Carol Rosegg

Lights like gilded silver unfurl, un-rushed, over anguished violin. Figures emerge in turns from the receding darkness, draped in woolly gray-brown fashions from a time long past. Thick cascades of dust pour out from their …

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Super Bowl

Yale Bowl

Ahead of Yale Football’s 2015 home opener tomorrow, we’re revisiting the story behind the home, which we first told last fall.

Yale’s white helmets crashed hard into Lehigh’s gold…

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Seeing, and Believing

Modernism suits us. It suited us long before there was even a word for it, and it suits us now, decades after it officially went out of style.…

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10 Feet

The Providence Dance Project

Isaiah Providence balances on the noses of his beat-up Chucks under the lights of the Temple Street Garage. He locks and pops and ripples, his four nephews dancing in kind along with him. After a few flips, gainers and other …

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Here and Gone

Eddie Prendergast with Pencilgrass at The Ballroom at The Outer Space

“You gotta break all the rules if you ever wanna be the champion,” intones frontman/songwriter Eddie Prendergast’s tangy yet buttery baritone on Pencilgrass’s funky epic “Soul Train Champion.” Unsaid is that…

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Murder, Staged

Ian Lowe and Kyle Branzel in Murder For Two at Long Wharf Theatre

With Murder for Two, the crowd is in on it. The performers not only wink and nod at you, both literally and figuratively, but also chastise you and apologize to you, and at one point…

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Sticking Around

Jesse Hameen II

To jazz-drum is to lead, says Neighborhood Music School instructor Jesse Hameen II. “The proper name for what the drummer sits on is not a seat but a throne… It’s a seat of authority. You direct the pace, the rhythm, …

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Art Work

Captain Deane Keller drove an estimated 60,000 miles around Italy during World War II, racing to preserve priceless works of art from looters, goons, mortar shells and fires.…

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Tagging Along

Daily Nutmeg is on vacation this week. Meantime, we’re republishing some of our favorite stories from the past few months. Like this one:

Heading west on Water Street from Olive, with a long…

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