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Island Time


Branford’s Stony Creek section, along a picturesque shore home to beaches, residences and a few restaurants, is a popular spot to visit during the warmer months. Next time you’re in the neighborhood, though, think about heading away from the shore …

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Walk-Ins Welcome


From her perch on a faux-fur settee in the back area of Therapy’s L-shaped boutique—past racks of daring cocktail dresses, classy gowns, comfy-svelte knits and artsy shoes and jewelry and artifacts—Angelina Davydov confirms what’s already clear to see. …

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Bread and Oil

Frank Bruckmann at Kehler Liddell Gallery

On one Westville menu, Turkey Sausage costs $4,600. Pasta Primavera goes for $4,800.

That’s because they’re paintings, part of Frank Bruckmann’s…

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Sit Tight

Curry Noodle Soup with Tofu and Vegetables

“I’ve been to a lot of Thai restaurants,” says Boret Lonh, who’s just put in a takeout order, “and this one is really up there.” It’s also really down there—in size (tiny) and location (downtown).…

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Home Plates


Even in New Haven, where Italian food looms large, Skappo Italian Wine Bar manages to be eccezionale. For one thing, there’s no apizza, or even pizza, on the menu. For another, strangers often find themselves sitting together…

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The Ice is Right

Ralph Walker Skating Rink

With March rolling around this weekend and a brutally cold winter still nipping, most of us are probably looking ahead to spring. The promise of a return to fair weather seems increasingly tantalizing now that the sun is once…

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Be Their Guest


White-walled guest rooms are cozy and bright, with feather-soft beds and light streaming through wide windows. Meanderers stroll around the lobby, stopping to check their email on a central computer or read complimentary copies…

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“You look ridiculous. We can fix that.”

So said a sign last month outside The Hive Hair Studio, an upstart salon opened just last year on Whitney…

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Concrete Plans

Pirelli Tire Building

The Pirelli Tire Building looms long, color-shifting from tan to gray depending on the weather and time of day and your vantage point, with rows of windows at even intervals save a two-story gap between the second floor and the …

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The Rest is Grave-y

Evergreen Cemetery, New Haven

Evergreen Cemetery’s 85 sprawling acres provide the final resting spots to over 85,000 individuals, including an array of New Haven’s passed-away notables…

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