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Nature and Nurture


“The outside loop at Edgewood Park is two and a half miles. But when you take into consideration all the little paths that go here and there, you can easily have eight to ten miles,” says Martin Torresquintero as fellow …

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Silver Linings


If the long, socially distant wait for summer has you craving sand and surf, this 2016 photo essay is like an X that marks the spot. Click here to see all 24 photos.

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Silver Linings


A photo essay.

All through Milford’s Silver Sands are silver strands: a long grayscale bridge over wet marsh; tall, reflective grasses; the crests of tiny waves hitting beach or sandbar…

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Inquire Within


Fort Nathan Hale Park, occupying a stretch of Morris Cove’s coastline, is a curious place, and a place where curiosity pays.

Nathan Hale, Connecticut’s official state hero since 1985, is…

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Fall Break

White and yellow roses at Pardee Rose Garden

The calendar tells us it’s fall. So do scattered batches of leaves turning red and orange and yellow and weather map temperatures dipping into green and blue.

Thousands of flowering…

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Open Space

Quinnipiac River Park

Railings along the seawall could use a new coat of paint. Dusty grass-encroached paths would benefit from a few dedicated spades and an infusion of gravel. Wooden benches with metal hardware rusting like the hulls of passing barges merit some …

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Beauty and the East

Shoreline path at East Shore Park

It’s early fall, a balmy Sunday afternoon, and East Shore Park in New Haven is packed with little leaguers, their seasons coming to a close. High-pitched pings from aluminum bats connecting with fastballs ring across the park’s six baseball diamonds. …

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A Little Sunlight Reading

Edgewood Park

Despite the occasional frosty dip in the temperatures these past few weeks, Spring has assuredly sprung. New Haveners are strolling about the city parks again. Jogging. Bounding. Playing fetch with their pets.

They’re also finding nice comfortable spots on benches …

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