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Listening Tour


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Four of a Kind


Beethoven had been deaf for 20 years when he wrote his String Quartet in A Minor, Op. 132—“one of the greatest string quartets,” cellist Philip Boulanger told a masked audience of 150…

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First Strings


On a breezy, clear afternoon last Friday with a daytime moon rising over New Haven Harbor, the delicate plucked notes of a viola and…

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Sheet Rock


Climb a creaky set of stairs to the second floor and enter a small, bookcase-filled space…

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The Sound of Music

Nancy Williams

The second movement of Ludwig van Beethoven’s Sonata Pathétique has a famous melody…

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All Together Now


The sounds of a small orchestra drift down from an open window above one of the parking lots at Erector Square. It’s Friday afternoon, and already the light is fading. But upstairs at Music Haven, the fun is just getting …

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From the back of the cello section in London’s Royal Philharmonic to the conductor’s podium of the New Haven Symphony Orchestra, William Boughton has held onto a few basic ideals…

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Doctors’ Notes

Yale Medical Symphony Orchestra

Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 5 has “thick orchestration,” conductor Robert Smith says. “The brass parts are really high up. They go fast and you have to double tongue and triple tongue. The strings are up in seventh position… The woodwinds have …

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Sound and Vision

New Haven Symphony Orchestra

You can’t accuse William Boughton of fiddling around. As the dapper music director and conductor of the New Haven Symphony Orchestra, he’s been instrumental in helping that august 120-year-old…

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Music Haven Achieves Harmony

Music Haven

The Haven String Quartet’s upcoming “Out of Africa, Into Europe” concert is not the journey you’d imagine. The concert (Feb. 25 at the Unitarian Society of New Haven, then March 6 at SCSU) features the rhythmic “Mu Kkuybo Ery Omusallaba” …

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