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S.P.O.R.T. Academy

In chess, the white pieces have the privilege of the first move, and as a result, white has a 52-56% chance of winning over black. But it wasn’t always this way. The convention that white takes the advantage …

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Young Adults

A watercolor inside the Elizabeth Celotto Child Care Center

Monday through Friday, 23 babies open their eyes across the city. Their mothers or fathers clothe them, feed them, then hurry out the door to catch a morning shuttle bus, holding baby and car seat.

And backpack. …

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Fountain of Youth

Easily in the running for the funnest place in New Haven yesterday afternoon was the splash pad at Lighthouse Point Park.

A plastic-fronded palm tree spouted water into the sky…

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Roamin’ Catholics

St. James Episcopal exterior

“Our first Christmas, I was by myself.”

For Father Matthew Bailey (pictured left, first), December 25, 2006, inspires head-shaking laughter and a humbling reminiscence.…

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The Ice is Right

Ralph Walker Skating Rink

With March rolling around this weekend and a brutally cold winter still nipping, most of us are probably looking ahead to spring. The promise of a return to fair weather seems increasingly tantalizing now that the sun is once…

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Kids on the Block

Randi Rubin Rodriguez

Just north from where Dixwell Avenue meets Goffe and Whalley, a long, red brick building with blue window frames keeps an otherwise low profile. What signage it has is oblique: a marbled stone…

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Into the Lights

A green smiling dragon in Santa cap wags his pointy tail. A red and yellow sailboat rocks back and forth. A jet skier jumps blue ocean waves. Two bears in hats and scarves throw a snowball back and forth. A …

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Close to Home

At North Haven cat and dog rescue The Animal Haven, workers and volunteers do what they can to help the residents feel at home. On occasion, the animals have taken that hospitality a little too far.…

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Youth Served

The Children's Preschool playground

“Kathy!” Later: “Kathy!” Later: “Kathy!”

At The Children’s Preschool on Whitney Avenue, kids in colorful jackets are bouncing across the playground, chattering and giggling as they…

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Turning the Page

photo courtesy New Haven Reads

This story, originally published on February 7, 2013, explores an organization dedicated to those who are a little lost for words.

You might remember a series of commercials from the early 90s featuring adorable young…

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