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Splash Drive

Lighthouse Point Splash Pad

Stomping, shrieking and spraying are all approved activities at one of New Haven’s summer staples: the splash pad. …

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Breakfast Club


What can you do with one little waffle iron and a whole lot of determination? Just ask Steven Cotton. …

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Tropical Zone

Baked Chicken at Collado Restaurant

At 4 p.m. on a sizzling summer Wednesday, Collado Restaurant was hot. …

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Kindred Soul

Blackened Fish, Kale Greens and Candied Yams at Sandra's Next Generation, New Haven

New Haven-born Sandra Pittman cooks food so homey, and treats her diners with a hospitality so warm, you would swear she were southern, and that’s because, in a way, she is.

Pittman owns Sandra’s Next Generation, a soul food spot …

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As we contemplate what’s over the horizon, we’re also going with the flow, and enjoying precious moments of tranquility today. We hope you get to do the same.

Happy New Year—

—Your friends at Daily Nutmeg—

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