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Natural Selection


Being natural is messy. B-Natural eats clean. The restaurant offers bowls, sandwiches, wraps, salads, smoothies, juices and all-day breakfast, with an open kitchen in back where, during a recent visit, made-to-order components sizzled and simmered.

As I placed my order, …

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Shifting Sandwiches


There’s a classic scene in the Oscar-winning 1963 film Tom Jones in which the titular “adopted bastard,” played by Albert Finney, enjoys a succulent meal with actress Joyce Redman that’s clearly not focused on what they’re eating. I was recently …

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Roll Model


I don’t remember how I heard about Del Monaco’s Italian Market, which turns 32 in February, but I know how I found it: quirky and unpretentious, set across from Nathan Hale School in quiet Morris Cove, attached at the …

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Best of Three


If we have a Little Italy, it’s on Wooster Street. If we have a Little East, it’s on Chapel and Howe…

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Sub Hero


A cartoon pig, blinged out and blazed up, gazes out from below the counter inside the new…

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Lunch Specialist


At first glance, the lunch menu at Zoi’s looks like your standard fare: sandwiches, salads, a side of fries. …

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Key Ingredients


A night of rain means cafe chairs, still wet and glistening, are stacked outside Scratch Baking on the Milford Green. But inside, the bakery’s butcher block tables are filling as a 9 a.m. lull gives way to a morning rush…

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Cup and Up

Fussy Coffee

Don’t let the name fool you: Fussy Coffee offers much more than a typical coffeehouse.

But let’s start with the headliner. …

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The Bready Bunch


Bread and chocolate—what more could you need? Bread & Chocolate, a modest storefront on Whitney Avenue in Hamden, celebrates the combination of these two essential food groups, as well as the union of another duo…

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Double Shot

Latte at Jojo's

In Vienna, Austria, there stands a 135-year-old coffee bar called Café Sperl. It has a charming, vaguely Baroque interior decorated with intimate plush booths and tiny round two-seaters, and boasts a long history of…

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