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Room Mates

City Gallery exhibiting the work of Kathy Kane

The city’s community of artists and arts administrators is pretty tight. Once you’ve gotten into it, it seems you can’t kick a pebble on the sidewalk without it careening off the shoe of someone else involved with galleries and showings.…

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High Volumes

Books from the collection of the William Reese Company

There isn’t a massive rolling boulder hot on my heels, and I don’t hear a John Williams score swelling in the background. Still, it’s hard not to feel like Indiana Jones as while climbing the four floors of literary and …

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Third Time’s the Charm

Shen New Haven interior

New York City pulsates with noise and energy and entropy, a whirlwind of commotion that—as Carol Shen, owner of two Shen Boutiques in NYC’s Upper East Side, knows firsthand after nearly 30 years in business there—can be exhausting. That’s one …

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Turning the Page

Student and tutor at New Haven Reads

You might remember a series of commercials from the early 90s featuring adorable young children standing on stage, smiling in the spotlight and exuberantly declaring, “Hooked on Phonics worked for me!”

Sound familiar? If you’re reading this easily, you’re proficient …

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The Fix Is In

Ben Berkowitz of SeeClickFix

“I think for most people to ask themselves what they can do for other people,” SeeClickFix co-founder and CEO Ben Berkowitz says, “they have to first ask what they want to see for themselves.” Working out of offices fittingly located …

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New Kid Off the Block

Seton Gallery at University of New Haven

When I ask a former student at The University of New Haven if he knows about UNH’s Seton Gallery, he shrugs his shoulders and offers a blank stare in return.

“Never heard of it.”

If new Gallery Director Laura Marsh …

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