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Realm of Possibility


In 1985, Yoon-Ock Kim opened Oriental Pantry, New Haven’s oldest Asian market, and has been offering up house-made Korean food and specialty groceries ever since. …

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Wet Noodles

Mecha Noodle Bar in New Haven

If the talking heads on the Food Network can be trusted, we eat with our eyes. And if that’s the case, then your meal at Mecha Noodle Bar begins the moment you walk in the door. …

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Wok This Way

Vegetarian Dim Sum Sampler at York Street Noodle House in New Haven

Not far from the city’s seats of power is a food joint that feels casually anti-establishment, where prices are too low for what you get, pungent smells are the rule, not the exception, and the menus are falling…

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