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Hive Mind

Bee hive

This article about a busy bee, updated for 2014, was originally published on May 2, 2012. Enjoy!

Ben Gardner’s day might sound oddly bucolic for a small business owner in New Haven. Sunrise often finds him in his backyard, collecting …

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A Hive Mind


Ben Gardner’s day might sound oddly bucolic for an area resident and business owner. On a recent Thursday, sunrise found him in his backyard, collecting chicken eggs and tending to his homemade coop. He spent the remainder of the morning …

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New Haven’s New Roots

Elm trees are returning to the Elm City. “We’re having good luck with Princeton Elms,” says Margaret Carmalt, who manages the GreenSkills program at the Urban Resources Initiative (URI). “And Colonial Spirit Elms have shown to be disease resistant, too.”…

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Decon Mission

Joe DiRisi of Urban Miners

Joe DiRisi is not the easiest guy to photograph. As I followed him through his warehouse full of salvaged materials, trying to snap a portrait, we passed rows of cast iron bathtubs, typewriters, laboratory cabinets, windows, and lumber. Joe simply …

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