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Beauty and the East

Shoreline path at East Shore Park

It’s early fall, a balmy Sunday afternoon, and East Shore Park in New Haven is packed with little leaguers, their seasons coming to a close. High-pitched pings from aluminum bats connecting with fastballs ring across the park’s six baseball diamonds. …

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Solid Oak

Chicken, Pork Belly and Yellowfin Tuna at Oak Haven Table & Bar

Albert Greenwood and Craig Hotchkiss, co-owners of the recently opened Oak Haven Table and Bar, a “farm-to-table,” oakwood-furnished, American-style gastropub in East Rock, could claim their friendship is a matter of fate. Their mothers, friends who grew up together in …

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Under the ’Hood

Aquila Family - Tom Jr., Maurna, and Tom Sr.

Westville Village has its share of mainstays. House of Chao and New West Cafe have called it home for over thirty years. Delaney’s Taproom and The Frame Shop & Westville Gallery have stuck around for over a decade. But few …

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Points of View

Quinnipiac River Park

Staring at stuff can be restorative. For most of us, a few walls and a short walk or drive are all that separate us from a feast for the eyes: hills and lakes, rivers and forests, the ocean. There are …

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Big Bang

The Honeycutters at Spaceland Ballroom

The Space—the rare all-ages concert stage that can attract national acts, and even rarer for being in the middle of Connecticut—just sort of happened.

The venue, which serves food and non-alcoholic beverages, occupies the center of an industrial lot off …

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Moveable East

Shore Line East train

The Shore Line East commuter rail wasn’t supposed to stick around. The line was established in 1990 along the tracks of the Northeast Corridor to alleviate traffic created by construction on I-95. At that time, the line ran from Union …

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Rolling with the Brunches

Lena's Cafe and Confections

Lena’s Cafe and Confections sits right in the center of Westville, where Central Avenue meets Whalley, so it’s a good place for getting together.

Especially on sunny Sundays…

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Route Canal

A bridge on the Farmington Canal Trail

Ah, the poor Farmington Canal—it never stood a chance.

Construction on the waterway began in 1825 in an effort to improve transport throughout central Connecticut and into Massachusetts. The canal’s financiers hoped that the route, which officially opened in 1835 …

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Cart Blanche

Cedar Street Lunch Carts

Watching the lunch carts of Cedar Street roll in late-morning on a weekday is like attending a seminar on advanced teamwork. Vans pull up curbside with dented, well-worn carts in tow, which are dispatched mostly in teams of two. Some …

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Look Out

View from West Rock's South Overlook

It’s amazing how quickly you can go from grinding your teeth and breathing exhaust fumes on Whalley Avenue to hiking rugged trails through hemlock forest, spotting raptors at scenic vistas along the way.

East Rock and West Rock can…

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