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Courses in Turkish

Saray Turkish Restaurant

When Sammy Kuru opened the doors of Saray Turkish Restaurant in July 2006 and began greeting customers, he had some reassuring to do. “A lot of people didn’t know Turkish food when we started,” he says.…

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Serving Aces

Anne Worcester | New Haven Open at Yale

“This is where fans discover the stars of tomorrow,” Anne Worcester says of the New Haven Open at Yale. As Tournament Director, Worcester would know. In 2004, she brought Maria Sharapova, then largely unknown, to teach a tennis…

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A Slice of Heaven

Stony Creek Market

Dinner at Stony Creek Market feels like a mini vacation. With a view of the Thimble Islands, the Market serves up pizzas Thursday to Sundays, Memorial Day to Labor Day. The dozen or so small tables on the deck fill …

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A Cook In Every Kitchen

Fig Cooking School

They say Shakyamuni Buddha found enlightenment under a fig tree. Heide Lang’s goals at Fig Cooking School are only slightly less lofty. The school’s motto is “Find your inner gourmet,” and that is Heide’s mission in each…

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Mediterranean, This Side of the Atlantic

The Crepes at Bistro Miediterranean

Bistro Mediterranean is the type of place where you could easily become a regular. I discovered it in March and have been back many times since. One of several eateries on Main Street in East Haven, it’s just 10 minutes …

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