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Movie Times

Ciné 4 - New Haven, CT

If you’re among the first to arrive for a movie at the Ciné 4, you take maybe 10 or 11 steps from your car to the main door. If you arrive later–or even late–it may be 20 steps. …

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Keeping It Reel

As the Oscars approach, opinions abound on actors, directors, screenplays, special effects and more. But few of us give any thought to the physical film itself. …

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Straight Shooters

Rodney Moore and Pepe Vega

Pepe Vega and Hugh “HG” Gallman grew up in “The Tribe,” a housing project that once stood in the Dixwell neighborhood. Eventually torn down, Dixwell’s projects were notorious for disrepair and…

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Elizabeth Wilson in The Addams Family

Perhaps you know her as Mrs. Braddock (pictured second), Dustin Hoffman’s concerned mom in the iconic 1967 coming-of-age movie The Graduate.

Or as Roz, the snitch who sat on the toilet seat in the ladies…

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An Indie Gem

Best Video stacks

Scene from a video store: A young woman steps up to the counter. “Where can I find Cape Fear? I thought it would be in ‘Best of Best,’ but…”

“There’s two Cape Fears,” the manager responds, without a …

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Reel Estate

Stephen Dest

Stephen Dest sees New Haven as a city of artists and unpredictable characters. “This is a small city, a walkable city, an intelligent city. No matter where you go, you have the best conversations,” he says. “Two things you always …

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Breakfast and a Movie: ‘Good Deeds’ Indeed

Kelly Turner Cole, organizer of Breakfast and a Movie

Kelly Turner Cole’s Breakfast and a Movie series is a blockbuster event, bringing together thousands of ravenous moviegoers and many selfless volunteers at five movie theaters all on the same day. The screening-and-meal fundraisers support C.H.A.I.N., a non-profit which helps …

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A Wild Semester of Shakespeare at Yale

Shakespeare at Yale

In the words of Shakespeare, she’s a wow!

—Eddie Cantor, “If You Knew Susie” 

Shakespeare at Yale began quietly in early January with a pair of events at the Yale Center for British Art. A small but provocative exhibition of …

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