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Place Like Home

Food at Wheeler's, photographed by Marc Keslow

From bread to beef to beer, Wheelers Restaurant & Taproom in Woodbridge, located just a few feet past the New Haven border at 180 Amity Road, emphasizes local, organic and sustainable. Run by experienced yet fresh-faced…

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Dinner and a Show

A 40-year anniversary is nothing to sneeze at, especially when live theater’s going on a few feet away.

The Yale Summer Cabaret got going so many summers ago, in 1974. Recessed into the east…

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Life of the Party

Bill Fischer

If you want to find an African drum circle, learn to play the Irish penny whistle or the Indian hurdy gurdy, brush up on your New England contra or square dancing, get a few gardening tips, celebrate a change of …

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Something’s Cooking

Karen Lenahan

As a little girl, Karen Lenahan loved food—preparing it, experimenting with it and, of course, eating it. Years and years before “foodie”-ism turned vogue (and then ubiquitous), Lenahan was already…

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Gilbert Cast in a Trunk; photo by Lisa Daly and Dana Astmann

For most people, having a non-functioning umbrella is an excuse to consign it to the trash can. Not so for the founding members of New Haven’s A Broken Umbrella Theatre, who named their troupe in part as a clever homage …

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Faire Play

Maid Marian and Robin Hood at the Springtime Robin Hood Festival

Chivalry isn’t dead—for the next couple weekends, anyway, and on the Guilford Fairgrounds, at least.

Then and there, it’s the annual Robin Hood Springtime Festival, a souped-up Renaissance faire…

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Doll House

"Doll-Like" exhibit item

Dolls occupy a huge variety of spaces within the human psyche. Sometimes they’re playthings or sources of comfort. Other times they’re deeply creepy, a fact innumerable horror stories have exploited. Used as totems and…

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Cast and Crew

The Orange Players

The website of The Orange Players—a theatrical troupe founded in Orange, Connecticut, in 1974—says it’s “the oldest continuously active community theatre group” in the state.…

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Cheshire Catches (pt. 2)

Sandwich at Funky Monkey Cafe & Gallery

We left off yesterday at the Cheshire Historical Society, starting to feel our stomachs growl. Good thing it’s just a few minutes’ walk to a pair of memorable restaurants, both residing atop a grassy rise…

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Cheshire Catches (pt. 1)

Welcome to Cheshire

Incorporated in 1780, the town of Cheshire actually traces back to 1695, when it was a section of Wallingford named “West Farms.” A small agrarian community then, it’s not so small today, with a healthy…

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