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Patrons at 168 York Street Cafe

When George Coyle began tending bar in 1971, he imagined it would be temporary—a job to work while finishing school.

40 years later, he’s behind his own bar, though he doesn’t spend much time serving…

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’Ritas and ’Ritos

Frozen and rocks margaritas at c.o.jones

For many years, c.o.jones, the Mexican restaurant and tequila lounge in East Rock, has served a margarita called the Waborita, a portmanteau that pulls in the name of the tequila that’s in it, Cabo Wabo.…

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Fall, off the Wagon

The Monsieur Valentino at ROÌA

Sandals one day, sweaters the next. Greenery last week, autumnal confetti this. Breezy cocktails and refreshing ales a month ago, rich concoctions and dark brews now.

As New Haven advances…

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Solid Oak

Chicken, Pork Belly and Yellowfin Tuna at Oak Haven Table & Bar

Albert Greenwood and Craig Hotchkiss, co-owners of the recently opened Oak Haven Table and Bar, a “farm-to-table,” oakwood-furnished, American-style gastropub in East Rock, could claim their friendship is a matter of fate. Their mothers, friends who grew up together in …

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Raising the Bar

Ordinary isn’t just any old bar. It isn’t just any new bar, either.

Originally part of a mansion erected circa 1646—less than a decade after New Haven’s founding—at the corner of Chapel and College Streets downtown, the space was once …

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A Shore Thing

Enjoying a beer at Lenny's Indian Head Inn

It’s tempting to start with the fried clams at Lenny’s—crisp, buttery exterior housing the freshly caught bivalves within; crunchy, salty and slightly sweet, too.

Or with a cold Narragansett beer on a warm day, condensation on the outside of the …

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Doing the Rounds

Christy's On Orange

Behind the bar at Christy’s On Orange, a sign hangs before the drinkers perched on stools, pints in hand:

Enter as strangers, leave as friends.

“Did you see my sign?” asks…

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Wintry Mixed

The "Lauren's Driving Home" at 116 Crown

Blustery winds, truncated hours of daylight and snow in the forecast make this the perfect season for homebound pleasures: curling up under a blanket with a good book or resurrecting unfinished domestic projects.

But don’t get too comfortable. When it …

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Orange’s Slice of France

Yolande's Bistro & Creperie dining room

In the 1950s, Yolande Lacan’s parents emigrated from France to Canada, ultimately winding up in Whitefield, New Hampshire, running the Playhouse Inn. Her father Noel Lacan was the chef, but her mother Lucienne might have had the better palate.…

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A Thirst for Knowledge

Trivia Night at Anna Liffey's

“What is that? A marmot?” says Guy Townsend, as we scrutinize a photo of a brown, fuzzy animal resembling a beaver. But it couldn’t be a beaver. That’s too easy. “Or is it a marmoset? Just put marmoset. Write it …

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