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Giving Paws

Alena Gribskov and Timmy

Timmy, a gangly seven-month-old black Labrador, does a lot of the things you’d expect of a dog his age. He chews on sticks, barks when he spots other canines and greets new humans with a swiftly wagging tail.

Unlike most …

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For Pet’s Sake

For Pet's Sake | photographed by Uma Ramiah

It’s a truly cavernous warehouse space, but it’s not just wares that are housed here. Indeed, 75 Hamilton Street is full of life: wags, barks, nips, growls and tugs. This is the home of A Dog’s Life, an impressive canine …

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Next to Dogliness

Wiensy getting groomed by The Dogfather

After work on a Wednesday, I snapped a leash on Wiensy, my chubby little long-haired dachshund. We were off to the groomer, an experience we both typically dread, though this time we simply padded out the front door and into …

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