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May Real Estate Listings

  • FOR SALE: 4 bd | 4 ba | 4,500 sq ft | 4.07 ac | $1,150,000

    This impressive lake home in Stratford β€œexudes the charm of yesteryear.” Take a look β†’

    Listed by:
    Edain Connery
    Coldwell Banker Realty

  • Β FOR SALE: 3 bd | 2.5 ba | 4,065 sq ft | 0.94 ac | $1,350,000

    This architectural gem in coastal Guilford has its own nickname. Take a look β†’

  • FOR SALE: 3 bd | 2 ba | 2,459 sq ft | 1.73 ac | $379,900

    Calling this Bethany home a β€œblank slate” may undersell it, especially if you like shades of blue. Take a look β†’

  • FOR SALE: 4 bd | 2.5 ba | 3,112 sq ft | 2.41 ac | $615,000

    This custom contemporary in Old Lyme is dynamic and fun.Β Take a look β†’

  • FOR SALE: 3 bd | 2 ba | 1,658 sq ft | $389,900

    This warm Westville home beckons those with green thumbs. Take a look β†’

  • FOR SALE: 2 bd | 2 ba | 3,140 sq ft | 0.64 ac | $975,000

    The Pelatiah Leete House is β€œone of Guilford’s oldest and most completely preserved 18th-century dwelling houses.” Take a look β†’

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