Roll Call

Roll Call

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Drenched in light and shadow, the three local rock bands playing The State House’s fourth-to-last show on Thursday were a study in deeper contrasts.

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Ángel Loor, led by and named for local high schooler Miguel Loor, were young and fun and full of promise.

The Tines, veterans who’ve seen plenty, were cool and collected, the eye of the storm.

Killer Kin, the night’s closers, were the storm—mainly the frontman, Matt Lea, who gnashed, thrashed, prowled, howled, raining sweat and, from a finger, a little blood.

My late-30s ears wanted plugs and preferably no blood on my clothes. But they couldn’t deny it was pretty rock ’n’ roll.

Written and photographed by Dan Mims. Image 1 features Matt Lea of Killer Kin. Image 2 features Sam Carlson of The Tines. Image 3 features Miguel Loor of Ángel Loor.

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