Slogans Run

Slogans Run

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“Drink it. It’s good.” That odd little slogan on the side of a New England Brewing Company delivery truck had me laughing at its frankness, then critiquing its logic. If we trust the second sentence telling us the product is good, then we don’t need the first sentence to tell us to drink it; and if we don’t trust the second sentence, then we won’t obey the first. Either way, the first sentence accomplishes nothing.

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“It’s good,” alone, would be better. Of course, a goal of the slogan is to get people thinking about the Woodbridge brewery, and clearly, as is, it’s working.

It also got me thinking about other slogans around town—and why I couldn’t think of a single one. Are there too many slogans out there, or too few? Are they easy to forget, or easy to miss?

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A downtown search yesterday suggests the answers: “too few” and “easy to miss,” though their scarcity and elusiveness made them all the more satisfying to find.

Written and photographed by Dan Mims.

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