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Free Consultation

Wednesday, I highlighted many of the few downtown businesses that use slogans.

Today, I’m writing slogans for a few of the many that don’t.

Some of these ideas are serious. Some are here for laughs or at least groans.

None are real—yet.

* * *

The Cannon (a soccer bar): “Shots Fired.”

The Devil’s Gear (a bike shop): “Heaven on Wheels.” An edgier option: “Ride or Die.”

Steamed (a Chinese restaurant): “Also Stewed and Stir-Fried.”

Anesthesia (a smoke shop): “Breathe It In.”

Derek Simpson Goldsmith (a jewelry maker): “The Gold Standard.”

Barcade (an arcade bar): “Mashing Buttons, Crushing Beers.”

Idiom (a fashion shop): “Express Yourself.”

Secrets (a nightclub): “Pssssst.”

Sneaker Junkies (a bold designer kicks shop): “Pound the Pavement.”

Gateway (the community college): “Unlock Your Future.”

John Davenport’s (a 19th-floor restaurant named for New Haven’s founding minister): “Servin’ on the Mount.”

Written and photographed by Dan Mims. Image features the Devil’s Gear storefront.

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