Yale’s Vanderbilt Hall

Not So Fast

In 2017, the line between labor and leisure is well and blurred. You can work from pretty much anywhere, like the two Yale students above, who were using one of their campus’s nicest sitting spots, outside Vanderbilt Hall, to study up yesterday.

Mentally, Labor Day has been blurry for a while. It’s a day off in tribute to work and workers; but it comes right after August, the quietest work month of the year, and right after summer, the year’s most relaxed season. And just when you’ve gotten used to the idea of speeding things up for September, the holiday leans in and whispers, Not so fast.

Not that we’re complaining. Daily Nutmeg is celebrating Labor Day today, because we’ll be working on Monday, sending you a great mix of things to do next week.

Until then—

—Your friends at Daily Nutmeg—

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