Title Shots

Title Shots

We’re celebrating 2023 by revisiting some of the year’s most memorable photo essays, each plucked from—and emblematic of—one of the four seasons.

After winter, spring and summer, now, at last, it’s autumn’s turn, with this October 26 essay covering a local fall tradition.

* * *

Making art is an act of courage, they say. They also say art needs an audience, which helps explain why making art is an act of courage.

During Erector Square Open Studios last weekend, roughly 80 resident artists bravely welcomed audiences to view not just their work but also the intimate spaces where they make it. Some 30 additional guest artists joined them, displaying pieces in hallways, alcoves and other shared or liminal zones.

Resident or not, all of them re-earned the title of artist. And some of them let me take their picture.

Written and photographed by Dan Mims. Image 1: Eliza Shaw Valk. Image 2: Dexterity Press. Image 3: Work by Esthea Kim. Image 4: Faustin Adeniran. Image 5: Jihyun Lee. Image 6: Works by Linda Mickens. Image 7: Works by Christian Miller. Image 8: Zachary Keeting.

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