East Shore Park, New Haven, CT

Positives and Negatives

A photo essay.

Return, if you will, to a moment before a foot or more of snow had blanketed New Haven’s already frigid earth, and when the phrase “cold weather” still meant a wind chill in the positives.

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It was winter’s eve, a.k.a. December 21, the day before the season officially began. I was snapping away in East Shore Park, seeking a sunset photo for the next day’s story. To the west, over neatly arranged trees and a quietly churning harbor, clouds were doing the blanketing, in knittish patterns and cottony bunches.

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It looked more inviting than it felt. The wind was biting. I hadn’t brought gloves. But it was a walk in the park compared to what’s upon us. As of this writing, NBC Connecticut expects New Haven will feel like -10 by noon today, staying in the negatives into Sunday. WTNH predicts wind chills as low as -15.

Stay safe, everyone, and while you’re doing it, please enjoy these visions from that warmer cold day.

Written and photographed by Dan Mims.

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