Damp, Not Dampened

Damp, Not Dampened

A photo essay.

Rain can be a downer, and not just because it falls.

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Dvorak's New World - New Haven Symphony Orchestra - October 20, 2016

When it falls is the critical element. This year, rain fell on the opening weekend of City-Wide Open Studios, a rotating, multi-venue art show featuring hundreds of local and regional artists over the course of October. Clashing with CWOSโ€™s first-ever Westville Weekend this past Saturday and Sunday, the weather threatened to dampen attendance.

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United Way of Greater New Haven

Maybe it did some of that. But it didnโ€™t stop Westvilleโ€™s art scene from shining. Splash around in some of the sights we caught amid the showers, drizzles, sprinkles and drops.

Photo Key:

1. Entryway to Design Monsters.
2. Luke Hanscom and two of his photos inside Lotta Studio (911 Whalley Ave, New Haven).
3. Sculpture by Mohamad Hafez.
4. Digital art by Dan Gries.
5. Sculpture by Eรณin Burke in Lyric Hall (838 Whalley Ave, New Haven).
6. Painting by Don Wunderlee.
7. Photography by Mistina Hanscom inside Lotta Studio.
8. Light fixture by Kieran Coleman.
9. Sculpture by Gar Waterman.
10. Workspace of woodworker Sergei Gerasimenko.
11. Sculpture and painting by Noe Jimenez.
12. Painting by Frank Bruckmann.
13. Sculpture by Suzan Shutan.
14. Sculpture/textiles by Susan McCaslin.
15. Ink drawing by Daniel Eugene inside his Studio Feruvius.
16. Painting by Lesley Roy.
17. Sculpture by Juan Sarias inside DaSilva Gallery (899 Whalley Ave, New Haven).
18. Necklace by Kate Stephen Jewelry.
19. Poster with original font by George Corsillo of Design Monsters.
20. Painting by John Keefer.

Westville Weekend โ€“ City-Wide Open Studios
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Written and photographed by Dan Mims.

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