Daily Nutmeg readers

We love Daily Nutmeg's Readers. They think we're okay too.

Here's a sampling of what Daily Nutmeg's readers have said over the years. We're pretty proud of our more than 3,000 editions.

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  • β€œYou have filled a huge void. It’s now easy to find the wonderful activities in our great community. And your informative articles are now the center of our conversation."

  • β€œI'm always so impressed by the wonderfully diverse stories you share with us. Frankly, nothing else like this exists in media today...it’s real and refreshing."

  • β€œI love Daily Nutmeg and think it is a huge player in New Haven's β€˜renaissance.’ It is awesome to have Daily Nutmeg generally improving civic pride in the Elm City."

  • β€œThanks so much for what you do. Daily Nutmeg makes this town feel like a community. There’s a contagious sense of pride in everything you write. Daily Nutmeg has become an indispensable resource for my life in New Haven."

  • β€œI must tell you how much I have enjoyed Daily Nutmeg. I have gone to many events and restaurants which I had not known about before."

  • β€œI recently moved to New Haven, and as soon as I arrived several people pointed me toward the Daily Nutmeg as a great way to plug in and get acquainted with the area quickly. It is a terrific resource."

  • β€œI’m a new subscriber…what took me so long! Beautifully written, artfully presented & arrives at the right time of day. I’m loving Daily Nutmeg."

  • β€œJust to let you know that I LOVE the Daily Nutmeg. How creative and informative."

  • β€œI’ve learned things about New Haven that I never knew before. Keep up the good work!"

  • β€œHow is it possible that these columns just keep getting better and better?? Just brilliant, today…"

  • "Daily Nutmeg is my bible. I plan my week around it."

  • β€œThank god you exist."

  • Just wanted to say "hi" and thanks. It's such a great publication, esp for someone who is just getting to know the region, history and amazing offerings. –R.F.

  • I adore this publication! Whoever writes for, and/or is an editor, congratulations! It is lovely to look at (art direction) and a pleasure to read. Breezy but bright and informative. Lots of personality w/o being too relaxed. Thanks! –C.K.

  • I’m new to New Haven, (Yale and my position). Just want you all to know - as a new person in and to this community - how much I love and appreciate the Daily Nutmeg.