Formal Recognition

Formal Recognition

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Culminating with Monday’s commencement ceremony, Yale is spending the weekend celebrating its community’s extraordinary achievements.

Hopefully those include the successes of Yale’s Office of Facilities. Its workers keep the campus both functional and beautiful all year long, often flying under the radar. But special occasions like this one make their work more noticeable.

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One effort you can’t miss, at least if you walk through Old Campus over the next few days, is the arranging of the countless chairs where graduates and family members will sit during commencement. Navigating wet spring earth, thick stone sidewalks, mulch-mounded trees and a host of more abstract logistical concerns like stage visibility and crowd mobility, the arrangement satisfies functional needs. Somehow, it’s also nice to look at.

Kudos to you, Facilities folks.

Written and photographed by Dan Mims.

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