Snow in New Haven

Window Weather

A photo essay. Check out the email version to view all nine shots.

Even if you’re determined to stay in during a snow like Saturday’s, your apartment or house windows can persuade you otherwise.

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Revealing fresh foot and tire tracks—also actual feet and tires—they can appeal to your competitive nature, informing you that other, perhaps braver and hardier, folk are about.

Showing you speckled cascades and feathery white abstractions, they can appeal to your sense of aesthetics, promising much more of interest beyond the edges of the glass.

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Revealing a stream of drivers pulling up and out, they can appeal to your stomach—or your worries about having an empty fridge during a weather event—by letting you know the convenience store next-door is, indeed, open.

Potato chips, energy drinks and lottery tickets, here you come.

Written and photographed by Dan Mims.

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