Old Glory.

It seems we tend to appreciate her more during the run-up to July 4, and that includes her aesthetics. Bright with lots of contrast, detailed without being busy, she’s an exceptionally well-designed flag. Throw in a good breeze and she’s absolute dynamite.

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2015 Twilight Concert Series at the New Haven Museum's Pardee-Morris House

The New Haven Green is a great place to flag-watch at the moment. A new set of stars and stripes and bunting hangs over the main entrance to City Hall (pictured first). At Elm and Church Streets, the First Niagara building’s flag rises along an angle in the facade (pictured second). The flag outside the kitty-corner courthouse is among the area’s best at catching those breezes (pictured third). Next to that, the Ives Main Library’s flag perches near some playful characters (pictured fourth). Half a block up Elm, the Graduate Club’s white-sided, green-shuttered house sports a more rustic flag, a little weathered but also fine and delicate, and pleasingly translucent (pictured last).

Before you get caught up in all the grilling and swimming and playing you’ve got planned for the weekend, try picking a flag and planting your eyes on it a little while. Watch it furl and unfurl, and see if your mind doesn’t do the same.

Happy Fourth.

Written and photographed by Dan Mims.

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