Late Boomers

Late Boomers

Occupied by buildings low and sprawling, with paved, power-lined lots and too few trees to temper them, the Annex side of Forbes Avenue isnโ€™t known for its scenic views.

What the vicinity may lack in scenery, it makes up for with industry. Here there are homes for roofing contractor F.J. Dahill; used car-seller Wilson-Maturo Motors; HVAC/refrigeration/plumbing supply wholesaler Bell/Simons; and white-label food business Onofrioโ€™s, plus gas stations and auto mechanics and what looks like a power substation.

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But at least one of Forbesโ€™s businesses, NES Rentals, can be a vision to behold, particularly when the towering boom lifts it rents arenโ€™t rented at all. Parked in the lot to take up as little ground space as possible, their short bodies, long necks and pronounced heads huddle together like a family of brontosauruses dining from the same tree.

Thereโ€™s no actual tree in NESโ€™s lot, but there is a tall street lamp just to the side, making it possible to photograph these blue and orange behemoths late at night, when the air is very quiet, and the streets are as still as the machines.

NES Rentals
161-163 Forbes Ave, New Haven (map)
Mon-Fri 7am-5pm
(203) 466-3519

Written and photographed by Dan Mims.

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