Small World

Small World

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In Crèches of Germany: Tradition & Faith—this year’s Christmastime exhibit at the Knights of Columbus Museum, where culturalism, not commercialism, is the point—the angel is in the details.

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Highlighting German Christmas and other traditions through a series of stand-alone scenes as well as a massive tiny-town spanning countryside and cityscape, there are mossy patches on little wood shingles; a bird checking her delicate building-top nest; a spindly inches-high ladder leading to an implied hay loft; a doll-sized apron hanging from a hook; bitsy brick peaking through stucco; strings of white froth along feet-long waterways; a mini dining room whose light fixture, set table and wall art, among other items, are visible through pint-sized windows. Speaking of pints, there’s also an itty-bitty biergarten, with mugs held aloft.

There are countless such details, attended by fascinating cultural insights on placards, and they add up to a heavenly sum indeed.

Crèches of Germany: Tradition & Faith
Knights of Columbus Museum – 1 State St, New Haven (map)
Daily 10am-5pm through January 29. Closed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
(203) 865-0400 | Free Admission | Free Parking

Written and photographed by Dan Mims.

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