Redesign tease

Phase Shift

Change is in the air, and soon it’ll be in your inboxes.

On Monday, April 13, Daily Nutmeg is rolling out a change six months in the making: a bold, innovative redesign of our daily email, which has been re-coded from scratch.

Here’s what to expect:

A brighter, more modern look. What was beige will now be white. What was rough will now be polished. What was cramped will now feel open, even as the overall design is tightened up.

More photography. We’ll have the ability to publish more than one photo with our text-based stories. We’ll even be throwing full-fledged photo essays into the mix.

Responsive design, with a much-improved mobile experience. The email will be as readable on your phone as it is on your computer and tablet.

Big, beautiful ads. Paid advertisements keep Daily Nutmeg’s keyboards tapping and cameras snapping. Ads will now be larger, prettier and more engaging.

Photo captions! You’ve asked for them, and now you’ll have them.

While the new look’s been tested across various email clients and viewing platforms, there’ll likely be some isolated hiccups. If you experience a problem related to the redesign, please submit a detailed report and we’ll look into a fix.

We’ve done our best to balance every need and optimize for every purpose. As always, we hope you enjoy the result.

See you Monday—

Oh, and if you don’t get the email yet? Now’s a great time to start. Go on. Give it a shot →

—Your friends at Daily Nutmeg—

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