Edgewood Park Tennis Courts

Prize Pools

If you’re there to play tennis, you probably want the public courts at Edgewood Park to be perfectly flat.

If you’re there to find pretty sights, you should be glad they’re not. It’s thanks to the courts’ deviations—gradual, shallow dips in spots, no doubt imperceptible when you’re charging the net—that water can gather there during rain, and that the resulting pools can volley light to your eyes considerably more quickly than any of us can hit a fuzzy yellow ball.

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When the rain has stopped and the wind is still, the fullest pools on Edgewood’s courts are like tinted mirrors—mirrors with half-lives of about a quarter of an hour, if the forces of evaporation, and the folks who actually use tennis courts for playing tennis, have their way.

Edgewood Park Tennis Courts
Whalley Ave and West Rock Ave, New Haven

Written and photographed by Dan Mims.

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