Cut paper by Marcela Staudenmaier.

Public Access

A photo essay.

Private art spaces weren’t so private during Private Studios Weekend, when nearly 40 artists at 17 locations left their doors unlocked and said, proverbially or not, “Come on in!” (Check out the email version of this story to see our photos from the weekend.)

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Joyful Learning at Cold Spring School

It was the third of four salvos by this year’s City-Wide Open Studios, leaving a biggie still to come: Erector Square Weekend, happening this Saturday and Sunday.

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Yale Opera - Fall Scenes 2016

That one’s got over 110 artists participating at a single location, so the public should see more of itself even as it scopes out the special, tucked-away places where artists make their art.

CWOS 2016 – Private Studios Weekend
October 22-23 at locations in Hamden, New Haven and West Haven.
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Written and photographed by Dan Mims. Image depicts cut paper by Marcela Staudenmaier.

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